Does your website work on a phone?

mobile-friendly website

In the last few years, a lot has changed with websites and mobile devices. A few years ago, you could build your site for a desktop knowing that most people would be viewing your website through a browser window on a computer screen. Very few people were using their cell phones to browse the internet. […]

What is a safe password?

Password protection programs

There really may be no safe passwords anymore. If your account is hacked they get your username, usually your email, and your password. This is why you don’t want the same password for several websites. If they get the password they can use it to access other accounts. So you want a different password for […]

3 Reasons your website needs HTTPS

https secure websites

The first question that always comes to mind is, do I really need HTTPS? An SSL certificate is something you’ll need to purchase to create this secure connection. Not too long ago, this was only necessary if you were operating a shopping cart on your website, as this certificate secured your site for credit card […]

Why your site needs an Accessibility Solution

What is ada and wcag compatibility?

So when you think of using the internet, you probably don’t think about how you will use a website. If you can see, hear, and move your mouse around then, you will click on buttons and use the website interface. But what happens if you have a disability; where you cannot hear, or you are […]

Are QR Codes right for your Business?

QR codes are on the rise

QR Codes have been around since 1994 and while they were to improve the barcoding system that already existed the shortfall of their use was a good QR reader. Once cell phones became a normal electronic device the QR code enjoyed a quick adoption and then slow demise as people either did not know how […]

Are You Marketing to the Right People

Types of marketing

AHIT Marketing offers social media marketing. Most people think this is just posting to Facebook or Instagram, but there is much more to marketing than meets the eye. First, we have to discuss the difference between interruption-based marketing and intent-based marketing. Interruption-based marketing falls into the category of billboards, Facebook, Instagram, television, radio, newspaper, and […]