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What is a safe password?

Password protection programs

There really may be no safe passwords anymore. If your account is hacked they get your username, usually your email, and your password. This is why you don’t want the same password for several websites. If they get the password they can use it to access other accounts. So you want a different password for each and every website or account. You also want a paaword using different characters, letters, and symbols.

So how are you supposed to remember all these passwords?

There are many great programs to keep passwords on your computer but today I am going to talk about Keeper Security I have been using Keeper for over 8 years and the product has been rock solid. With a chrome extension, I have access to my passwords whenever I need them without storing them in Google, which is not a safe thing to do.

Keeper Security also has a family and business solution allowing you to share certain passwords with family and colleagues. This is a great feature so families that share streaming or shopping accounts can use these longer passwords. This also comes in handy when working with larger companies when you need important information shared. Keeper is also a text and storage vault which means you store more than just passwords.

Keeper also offers Breach Watch for an added fee but they check to see if your username, email, or password is on any watchlist of leaked passwords. One of the things I use the most is the random password feature. This allows me to generate a 10-20 character password and add it to my account with ease. To be honest I don’t even know the password to most of my accounts. I will change them every few months with a click of a button and they are ready to use the next time I need them. So I am not so concerned about my passwords being on the dark web as they are being changed on a regular basis.

If you are interested in trying out this program please use the link below to download: https://keeper.io/r/UOBTD5V

Password Best Practices

Password Don't

Don’t use a single word in any language. Hackers use dictionary-based systems to check these sorts of passwords. If you insist on using a word, misspell it as much as possible, or insert numbers for letters. 

Don’t use a password using a family member or the name of a pet. In addition to names, do not use phone numbers, addresses, birthdays or Social Security numbers.

Do use abbreviated phrases for passwords. If you choose a phrase such as “I love ice cream.” You can convert this phrase to an abbreviation by using the first letters of each word and changing the word “I” to a number “1.”  Make it even more complex by adding punctuation, spaces or symbols: %iLIC!@

Don’t write your passwords down, the tough part is that you should not share them or allow others to log in as you.

Password Dos

Change your passwords from time to time.

Log out of websites and devices when you’re finished.

Never save your password with your computer’s browser. Instead, rely on a strong password committed to memory or stored in a dependable password management program. 

Use a password program that stores passwords but also generates a random 10-20 character, number, and symbol password.

The sooner you secure your personal data, passwords, and banking information the sooner you keep yourself from being a victim of identity theft or fraudulent charges.

Finally, always be careful of the WIFI you are using to access the internet


Business Owners Check This Out.

Keeper Malpractice Infographic

If you own a business this is a great infographic.  Poor passwords practices are putting your organization at risk.  Use this pdf to teach proper password practices and by user Keeper add the next level of protection.

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