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Are QR Codes right for your Business?

QR codes are on the rise

QR Codes have been around since 1994 and while they were to improve the barcoding system that already existed the shortfall of their use was a good QR reader. Once cell phones became a normal electronic device the QR code enjoyed a quick adoption and then slow demise as people either did not know how to access the app or found little value in scanning these codes.

Then came COVID-19 and the idea of touching anything was a problem. Once restaurants began to open again the last thing anyone wanted to do was touch a menu. The QR code came to the rescue as a small QR code could be found on the table or located somewhere easy to to scan.

What makes AHIT Marketings QR codes better?

We build on a system that allows us to not only link to a website but offer an app sort of experience once the QR code is scanned. Now instead of just going to a website is can take you to your social media, links within your site, and paywall solutions to make payment of your bill.

We offer these QR codes to our monthly marketing clients or contact us to learn more. Our QR codes also allow us to give you a monthly review of how many people are using your code.

We can also print stickers and table toppers for your restaurant. Book a conversation with us

QR Code for Van Haulen

Try this code below

This is a side project of ours.  We have build a van conversion and this QR code will take you to our build for Van Haulen.  You can see that we have a website about the build, social media about our adventures and other links.

Qr Code for Tori Millan

Code for a Real Client of Ours

Tori and Tammy sell homes have been clients of ours for several years and we were able to set them up with a pretty cool set up that will allow people to scan their business cards and have access to their website, current listings and social media, where they do virtual home tours. 

Scan the code or visit their site at https://toriandtammysellhomes.com/

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