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Does your website work on a phone?

mobile-friendly website

In the last few years, a lot has changed with websites and mobile devices. A few years ago, you could build your site for a desktop knowing that most people would be viewing your website through a browser window on a computer screen. Very few people were using their cell phones to browse the internet. But that’s has changed!

We now see stats that almost 80% of websites are viewed on a mobile device. It begs the question. Does my website need to be mobile-friendly? Now the terms mobile-friendly and responsive have changed up a little bit. They used to actually mean two different styles of website design.

Responsive sites dynamically change based on the layout and the device’s size. So a desktop would be wide, a tablet would be tall, and a cell phone would be taller and much narrower. But it meant that all the images, text, and navigation would relocate and change, creating a very user-friendly view of your website.

I think that’s why we say mobile-friendly so much, But the most significant difference is the way a mobile-friendly site renders your website. With this style, it just met that the images would shrink to the size to fit your phone, but this left navigation feeling very clumsy as the text and links were so small. So your site still works without scrolling left and right on the phone, but the experience of browsing is limited. Google can send you reports of your site having issues with mobility features. Below is a button to check if your website is Mobile ready.

So those are things that you have to keep in mind when building a web design. You can skip this process by having AHIT Marketing build you a site that will meet these new standards. We understand mobile devices and develop our websites to be used anywhere. Once we have your site complete, we will check its layout over several devices and even make changes to the layout to give you the best user experience.

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