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Types of marketing

AHIT Marketing offers social media marketing. Most people think this is just posting to Facebook or Instagram, but there is much more to marketing than meets the eye.

First, we have to discuss the difference between interruption-based marketing and intent-based marketing. Interruption-based marketing falls into the category of billboards, Facebook, Instagram, television, radio, newspaper, and magazines types of advertising. All of these marketing strategies are basically placements that consumers do not ask for. Now that doesn’t mean that they don’t want it. They might not know what they want and so that’s where we come in AHIT Marketing will design creative-looking posts, photos, and content that stand out and get your business noticed. By creating content to post on your social media and having print work like magazine ads and postcards to hand out. Your business will have the continuity it needs to get noticed. 

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When it comes to showing people what you do, we have found that today people have their favorite social media platforms, or they do not use electronic advertising. That is why we are a one-stop marketing machine. We can do the large format printing for billboards or car wraps; we can help you with video for TV and radio ads. The thing you want to keep in mind is the look and feel of your product. Does it have the same look and feel every time someone sees your product? Otherwise, if they see something different each time, they will not know that it is your business or if it’s a competing company to yours. 

Intent marketing is the idea of giving people what they are looking for. This is possible through Google Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization processes. This uses the power of AI and Keywords to create marketing campaigns targeted towards people whose online behavior already shows those types of intentions. To make this work we have programs to evaluate your company to those in your area and your competition. Knowing what the competitors are spending and doing will help us design a campaign that will review your product, look over your website, build keywords and look at how we can market better to those who are already interested in your services. We can then rework your website to have a better call to action to make the viewer want to interact with you.

We can help walk you through and set up a budget to get this done for your business in a monthly timeframe. Contracts start as low as 6 months. 

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